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The Wacker Factory provides a wide variety of living quarters for its 38 residents, including their 9 children. The accommodation in buildings A and E ranges from furnished rooms to generous penthouse apartments complete with roof terraces.

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Building C is purely residential, with impressive loft-style apartments and direct access to the adjacent vegetable and flower gardens and the nearby banks of the Modau stream. The residents value the natural surroundings and the proximity to the city, the special atmosphere surrounding this extraordinary cultural monument and the wealth of contact possibilities within this community.


This modern village is a place for settling down and planning the future. How else can one explain the fact that 5 children were born here within the first two years? Their laughter and playing now accompanies the Wacker summer.


Hot News

A new building is currently in construction on the Wacker site. It will contain a variety of freehold apartments of a special kind: with high ceilings, plenty of light, adaptable floor plans and many other advantages.

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