Every year the Wacker factory hosts the Wacker Theatre Days festival. This widely acclaimed event takes place on two weekends in the autumn.

13. Wacker Theatertage from 05.09.-13.09.08

>>link to program: 13. Wacker-Theatertage in 2008

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Since 1995, the annual festival in the Wacker Factory attracts large numbers of visitors during the first two September weekends. Over the last 10 years, Wacker Stage has been presenting exciting performances ā€“ select productions from the independent scene covering dance, performance, theatre, object and childrenā€™s theatre.

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The ambitious programme is the result of the dedication of the Wacker Stage members and their contacts to national and international artists. More than this, their efforts ensure that the performances are staged in attractive surroundings ā€“ despite the meagre support from public authorities. The Wacker Theatre Days have been held in the Wacker Gallery since 1998.


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